White Fillings

Also known as Composite Resin or Dental bonding material are used commonly for the repair the loss of tooth from decay, fracture or wear. They can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth.

tooth rebuilt with white filling before

1. Broken tooth

tooth rebuilt with white filling

2. Tooth rebuilt with white filling

Large gap incisors

1. Large gap incisors

gap closure with composite resin

2. Gap closure with composite resin

Unlike silver (dental amalgam) fillings, white fillings are Mercury-Free.

1. Patient with unattractive front tooth filling

2. After restoration with white filling

1. Small cavity found on x-ray

2. Upon removal of decay (not complete)

3. After restoration with white filling

The bonding of white filling to enamel of the tooth has steadily become more predictable with advancements in dental materials.

As an alternative to silver filling, a white filling may be used as alternative in small to medium sized cavities.