Halitosis (Bad Breath): This may impact negatively on our relationships and confidence.


Bacteria – on our tongue, gums (in the gum pockets), on the teeth producing sulphar releasing compounds. The bacteria in the gum pockets produced as a result of gum disease often give off an unpleasant odour.

Smoking / alcohol.

Diet – Foods (especially meats) lodged or impacted between teeth can give off bad smells. Garlic / onions consumption are often associated with unpleasant smells

Dehydration / Dry mouth.


Our main role is in the identification of the cause. We may suggest a range of measures to help:

  1. Improvement in brushing technique
  2. Interdental cleaning (Flossing / Tepe brushes)
  3. Use of a mouthwash
  4. Tongue scrubbing
  5. Chewing Sugar-free chewing gum
  6. Regular visits for Scale and Polish
  7. Advice on diet / rehydration / smoking / alcohol