Dental Check up

Looking after you teeth and mouth is very important. An examination may also include x-ray to look at what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Initially a Medical History Questionnaire is completed – to see if any medical condition / medications may be affecting the mouth.

A Dental History Questionnaire is also completed to identify any specific dental problems, for example, pain, bleeding gums, crooked teeth, difficulty chewing, poor looks of teeth, snoring, dry-mouth, bad breath.

The Oral examination will consist assessing of:


  • Cavities / Decay
  • Mobilities
  • Existing restorations / prosthesis
  • Bite
  • Fracture / Wear of teeth
  • Positions of teeth


  • Oral Hygiene.
  • Bleeding / Inflammation
  • Biotype
  • Periodontal scoring

Soft tissue screening for Oral Cancer and other lesions.

  • Head and Neck:
  • Lesions / swelling
  • Symmetry issue
  • Jaw joint
  • Mouth opening
  • Muscle tenderness