New Patients

Our Practice is well established, through our reputation for quality dental care and a personal customer service. Though most of our New Patient enquires are recommendations from existing patients, if you would like to try us out, please call the practice, alternatively you may use the appointments page.

First appointment

You will de asked to complete a Confidential Medical and Dental History Questionnaire.

You will see Vijay, Reena or George and you will be given the opportunity to explain what you want from them. They will then do a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, oral soft tissue, bite and jaw joint to look for any problems.

X-rays may be taken to see bone and those areas of the teeth that cannot be seen directly (eg: under and between the gum). They are very useful in diagnosis of dental diseases.

After the examination you will be given a written estimate itemising the treatment options / associated costs of treatments discussed needed to secure your dental health and you may then book in to get started.

Often with neglected mouth we would recommend you see one of our Dental Therapists to gain some knowledge into the basics of how to maintain a clean healthy mouth and also have a full scale and polish. Gums and bone are the foundations of the teeth and their maintenance is required in treating / preventing gum (periodontal disease). They use a range of safe hand and ultra-sonic instruments to clean the teeth and their roots. They also utilizeĀ a range of instruments that are safe for the use of removal of unhealthy deposits around Titanium dental implants.