Nervous Patients

Few people enjoy a visit to the dentist especially if they are going for a treatment. These fears may result in anxieties / phobias that usually stem from:

  • Previous rushed / unsympathetic attitude of dentist
  • Fear of water / instruments at back of mouth
  • Fear / embarrassment of being told off
  • Previous bad experience as a child
  • Fear of what will be diagnosed
  • Previous traumatic experience
  • Fear of associated costs
  • Noisy drills

These fears usually result in patients’ missing appointments or cancelling appointments – however if small dental problems are not identified and allowed to progress they usually get worse and may lead to pain / tooth loss.

At Stoke Road Dental Practice, the entire team are very experienced and understand that going to the dentist may be a daunting experience and welcome the patient. Patients are welcome (and encouraged) to meet the team and ask question (AT NO COST) before committing to an appointment for an examination.

Please try not to feel embarrassed and let us know any specific reasons why you are nervous and we will record this and take it into consideration and do our best to make you feel at ease.

We use a range of techniques from PAIN-FREE INJECTIONS to distraction techniques to help overcome any fears.