Cone Beam Scan

A CBCT image is a radiographic examination that is sometimes carried out before dental implant treatments. These images are virtually free from geometric distortion. Hence measurements may be made from a CBCT scan and implants may be placed with a margin of safety from important vital structures.

CBCT scanning allows for safe and predictable surgeries and better outcomes and has become the standard of care in Implant Dentistry.

Situations where a CBCT may be requested:

  1. Implants in multiple quadrants.
  2. A complex case involving other dental specialities.
  3. Doubt of positions of vital structures from initial simpler x rays.
  4. Significant anatomical variation.
  5. Significant bone grafting has / will be performed.

Scans are not painful and only last a few seconds. They are carried out at a number of local centres. CBCT gives off significantly less radiation doses compared with the older types of CT (Computed tomography) scanning and often the benefits of the information gained outweigh the disadvantages in terms of radiation dose and cost.