Bone Grafting

Dental implants are required to be encased in a certain volume of healthy bone. If the area where implants are planned is deficient, bone may need to be grafted to enhance bone volume.

Categories of bone graft available:

Type Source
Autogenous Yourself
Xenograft Animal origin
Alloplast Synthetic
Allograft From Cadaver

At Stoke Road Dental Practice we use a combination of autogenous and xenograft (animal origin – medical grade) bone graft which can be placed easily onto the deficient site. The various properties, advantages and disadvantages of the materials will be discussed.

Bone can be grafted before or during dental implant placement. The bone graft is generally left 6-9 months for it to mature and integrate with the natural bone.

Though sterile conditions are maintained during surgery, every effort is made for the graft to take, sometimes the graft may get infected and may be rejected and has to be removed.